Case Studies

Learn how Cogent solved the problem of a leading creditor’s rights law firm in simplifying its collections systems.


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Know about Cogent’s processes, benefits, third party integration and much more.


Case Studies

Cogent helped a Minnesota based law firm in enhancing efficiency and casting away obsoleteness. Read to know more.


With state and federal regulations in constant flux, working in today’s accounts receivable management industry is more challenging than ever before. “We’ve been successfully helping law firms and collections agencies across the U.S. integrate Cogent for some time now and being able to incorporate the innovative software into the AgreeYa portfolio of products and services allows us to bring even more comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to our valued clients.

– Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner of AgreeYa Solutions


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Client Testimonials

Our office really loves all of you. I feel supported by your team all the time. When situations arise I don’t doubt for a second they will be handled quickly. I think Cogent is an amazing product and it is only going to get better. Thank you all for being a dream team and please tell EVERYONE we LOVE working with them!
A Leading Oklahoma Law Firm.
Since taking over the Cogent brand, AgreeYa has done an amazing job of turning the product around. Support response time has increased exponentially, and the product improvements have been excellent and reflective of our feedback. I couldn’t be happier with the progress that AgreeYa has made so far and am excited to see what is yet to come.
A recognized leader in the legal collection industry for over 50 years.
Cogent is the most open, flexible legal collections software available. The open database is awesome for reporting. And the workflow module allows for incredible in-house customization.
A leading creditor’s rights law firm based out of Alabama with operation across 4 states.
Cogent is a very user friendly application for the legal collection industry. With the help of AgreeYa, it has become a robust platform that is far advanced from others in the industry.
A top 20 Minnesota law firm with growing operations across the US.
AgreeYa has done an outstanding job resolving outstanding issues with Cogent and developing solutions for the constant stream of new requirements demanded by clients and regulators.
A leading creditor’s rights law firm dedicated to consumer collections with operations across 3 states.


The most comprehensive, and easy-to-use case and collection management software, Cogent is engineered to meet the unique demands of law firms and collection agencies. It reduces complexities by leveraging flexible, and rule-centric workflows that simplify the management of intricate collection and legal processes without the need for costly custom programming.

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