:: Cogent release 5.0 brings enhanced compliance, faster and secure debt verification and document validation features.


Cogent release 5.0 brings enhanced compliance, faster and secure debt verification and document validation features.


AgreeYa is proud to announce the arrival of Cogent 5.0 with better ways to manage federal compliance and media verification obligations. 5.0 incorporates new features, additional document types, action sets and conditions to quickly verify debt and validate supporting document types securely. Cogent 5.0 is further enhanced to include advanced integration and functionality to make business processes faster and more efficient.

Each time we come up with a release, we prioritize features that will add value to our customers and keep up with Industry trend. Recent Consent Decrees have primarily focused on Valid Supporting Documentation, Evidence of Debt Buyer Chain of Title and Meaningful Attorney Involvement. 5.0 addresses these issues and manages requirements, requests and receipt of media (supporting documents). Having been integrated with highly advanced features, this end-to-end robust solution aims to meet with dynamic client and regulatory requirements.”- Arindam Ray Chaudhuri, Business Head, AgreeYa Solutions

What’s new in Cogent 5.0?
The latest release of Cogent 5.0 vastly improves the feature base of Cogent. Below are some of the most important additions/improvements since the earlier versions of Cogent:

  • Document Request Screen (CFPB Compliance): Document Request Screen has been enhanced to include additional document types, new action sets and conditions to effectively manage requirements, requests, and receipt of media (supporting documents). It will also enable firms to identify clients with deficient or no documentation.
  • Contact Restriction (FDCPA Warning): FDCPA warning message feature has been introduced under the contact restriction in work claims to enable better compliance with industry regulations.
  • New search feature has been introduced in Cogent 5.0 enabling its user to sort and search for comments by various fields under work claims module.
  • Pending Judgement Tag: New tag has been introduced to enable users to pull records on pending judgment costs that have yet not been added to the claim balance.
  • Control Over ‘Reverse Client Statement’ Queue: New feature has been introduced in the ‘Reverse Client Statement’ grid to enable users to reverse multiple statements at one go, if required.
  • Copy Bankruptcy Information to Debtors and Co-Debtors: Introduction of feature enabling user to copy default bankruptcy information across co-debtors.
  • New Action Set: additional action sets have been introduced to check/uncheck “Head of Household” in the debtor demographics screen under Work Claims module.
  • New Condition: Additional condition has been introduced in cogent for evaluating the completion of a certain task on a claim within 120 days.
  • Attorney Notes: Additional screen has been introduced enabling users possessing specific access permissions to view their confidential notes.
  • TRAKAmerica Financial Export: Additional process have been introduced to post all incurred interest (not yet posted) on TRAK files once a week and also to record the recoverable/non recoverable court costs.
  • Copy assets/phone numbers etc. across linked claims: New feature enabling user to copy a Default Attorney, Assets, Phone numbers, Addresses, Adverse Attorneys, Cease & Desist, Phone numbers, and Employer information across linked claim.
  • Sort Ability in Vendor Settings: User has been provided the ability to sort the vendor settings by tabs such as State, County, City, and Zip in Add/Edit Service Areas under Administration module.


A full set of release notes can be requested by writing to us at cogent@agreeya.com