Docket Calendar

Cogent has in-built unique process with features to allow firms to manage assignment of cases to a state’s court dockets. Many states require firms to restrict the amount of cases filed for a docket on a given date. States are also establishing docket dates where they have AM, PM or all day dockets and the firm must match the proceeding types (complaints, bank garnishments, wage garnishments, lien filed, judgment, etc.) to the special dockets to take full advantage to maximize their case workloads.

Cogent now has three unique features that allow a firm to easily manage the court established docket dates and types; select their highest value accounts and assign them to the appropriate docket date; and print user controlled docket reports that summarize all cases scheduled for this docket date.

Credit Bureau Interfaces

Cogent’s unique credit reporting feature makes it possible to integrate credit report data from any or all of the three national credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union.

Workflow Automation

At the Heart of COGENT is AgreeYa Rules engine.  This powerful tool allows an organization to define and implement custom workflows and business rules that will be enforced by COGENT without the need for custom coding.  Using a GUI based wizard, users define, schedule and execute system tasks on claims that evaluate a group of business rules.  Based on the business rule that passes    COGENT  will execute a related “action set” associated with that business rule that will schedule appropriate follow up tasks, update statuses, assign claim ownership and much more all without any staff intervention.  These system tasks are scheduled as a result of events being documented on a claim by users or when data related to a claim is updated by a user of the import of new data.

Automated Document Production

COGENT also comes with a built in document management solution so a firm can automate their documents generation process.  As proceeding are added to the Matters COGENT can evaluate variable such as jurisdiction, claim type, Client, client type and many more to determining that appropriate package of documents that needs to be generated in each situation.  Coupled with COGENT’s highly customizable workflow you will be able to generate more suits more, more accurately and ultimately obtain more judgments and higher recovery rates for you and your clients.

Task Management

COGENT was designed and built from the ground up to be both a collections and legal case management solution.  COGENT allows an organization to create & track “Matters” made up of one or more claims that are being litigated in a single suit.  Keep track of different user defined proceedings and keep track of docket items with the integrated Docket calendar.  Record and monitor service results on defendants and other parties.  Document judgments that have been awarded on specific parties and automatically adjust the balance of the of the claim.   Detailed Court profiles maintain geographical jurisdiction information allowing claims to receive a jurisdiction assignment automatically upon import and cost schedules for each jurisdiction enable cost checks can be queued up for the appropriate amounts in an automated process.

Reporting and Analytics

Management information is automatically delivered to managers. Online dashboards and real-time reports are available to view online and or forward via e-mail to clients.

Inbuilt Regulatory Alerts

Inherent to Cogent there are FDCPA warnings that alert a user every time they open a claim that has a potential violation.  The alerts include the description of the potential violation – bankruptcy, statute of limitations, adverse attorney, etc.  Cogent stores dispute and hardship information within the debtor demographics, such as: dispute date and fraud/dispute reason, incarcerated, limited income, etc.

Dialer Integration

Cogent has partnered with TouchStar and IAT to bring you seamlessly integrated and batch interfaces. Leveraging both products’ common technology platforms—Microsoft.Net and SQL Server relational database—the Cogent Dialer Interfaces deliver:

  • Uniquely integrated TouchStar dialer controls within the application
  • Reduced training time
  • Increased collector productivity
  • Direct writing to the TouchStar database
  • Direct recording of dispositions to the Cogent database
  • Real-time reporting

Cogent can also can support such features as Trickle Feed, Transfer Agents, Predictive and Power Dialing, Instant Messaging, and many more.

Importing and Exporting

Cogent’s standard import and export systems can handle the most complicated interfaces, and makes it easy to place new accounts and manage reporting. Also integrated within Cogent is the Do-It-Yourself Data Translator tool, that lets you create and map your own interface templates without technical assistance – keeping you in total control.

  • Import new and large volumes of accounts quickly during normal business hours
  • Import maintenance files from your clients
  • Export updates to your clients
  • Forward accounts to other agencies and attorney firms
  • Process updates to and from receivers

Because most organizations place new accounts and receive updates using one of the major placement networks, Cogent is designed to support a wide variety of client interfaces.

Portfolio Tracking

Cogent’s Enterprise Forwarding Manager (EFM) automates the process of outsourcing claims to your outside agency and attorney receivers while allowing you to monitor detailed analytics and identify which receivers are performing best for you.

Cogent EFM enables you to easily modify and define separate business rules at the organization and client levels that identify claims eligible for forwarding to an outside collection agencies or attorney firms. Once those claims are identified, Cogent EFM automatically assigns them to your receivers, based on each receiver profile.

Document Management

Cogent has the ability to create, print, scan high volume of documents and automate letter and document production. Cogent Application has links to access documents in the right context and document processing can be invoked in batch.  In-built features such as integrated scanning and imaging functionality helps deal with large volume of check processing. Cogent also allows for templates to be created and stored centrally. When letters or court forms are required as part of the collection or legal process, the specific documentation can be requested based upon varying criteria of the claim.

Integrated Scanning and Imaging

Cogent has the ability to create, print, scan high volume of documents and automate letter and document production. In-built features such as integrated scanning and imaging functionality helps firms and agencies deal with large volume of check processing.

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