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CogentCollect is a web-based debt collection management solution that enables agencies and firms to automate and manage their collection process by leveraging an anytime anywhere solution with the flexibility of remote working. CogentCollect empowers firms to gain big savings on infrastructure and manpower costs while improving collections, optimizing operations, and ensuring compliance.

Why Choose CogentCollect?
End-to-end Collection and Claims Management Solution

CogentCollect is a comprehensive solution that handles essential debt collection processes such as claims import and export, payment posting, skip tracing and media management end-to-end. It ensures your accounts are managed consistently and effectively.

Increase and Maximize Collections

Enforces the right collection strategy and methods to maximize collection while minimizing risks.

Optimize Operations

Streamlines business processes, increase the productivity of collectors, and deliver end-to-end automation. The solution ensures experts focus on core business processes while the system takes over routine tasks.

Deep Reduction in Collection Costs

Delivers a single, cost-efficient, and infra-independent platform to manage clients, vendors, portfolios, letters, and custom payment plans. Huge productivity gain by automation reduces the cost of operation too.

Manage Compliance Better

Prevent human error and compliance breaches with real-time warnings and alerts coupled with an intelligent compliance engine.

Open Architecture and Future Scalability

Open to the integration with leading third-party software vendors which allows faster integration with existing systems and enables better automation.

Easy Deployment

Gain a competitive advantage by deploying the solution in days and configure the process on the fly to get started.

Remote Working

Empowers employees to access important information that is vital to their debt collection pursuits in real-time from anywhere and at any time.

Case Management

CogentCollect can easily extend to a complete case management solution to manage and automate the litigation process of handling bad debts.

Optimize Business Operations with CogentCollect’s Leading-edge Features
CogentCollect has been conceptualized and developed by a team of expert collection executives and technologists. Each feature of this innovative solution tackles a critical challenge faced by the collection and ARM industry today.
As a web-based online solution, CogentCollect eliminates the headaches, costs, and limitations of on-premise deployments. It enables firms and agencies to leverage remote working and gain big savings on infrastructure and manpower costs.
cogent Collections and Management - Infra-independent
Business Process Automation
CogentCollect automates the most time-consuming daily collections tasks and operational activities, enabling employees to focus more on strategy and customer interactions. A powerful rule engine delivers the power of implementing business rules on the fly.
cogent Collections and Management - Business Process Automation
Easy Configuration
Workflow design enables firms and agencies to enrich and scale the product further to match changing business needs, use cases, and requirements without writing a single line of code.
cogent Collections and Management - Easy Configuration
Document Automation
Create and compile documents with easy-to-use templates. Use conditional fields to pull information from your account records and swiftly create a new document.
cogent Collections and Management - Document Automation
Easy Integration
Built on a scalable and open architecture, CogentCollect integrates out-of-the-box with popular third-party vendors such as dialers, call recording, accounting, payment solutions, etc. CogentCollect is open to third-party software integrations and enables you to increase your efficiency.
cogent Collections and Management - Easy Integration
Modern and Intuitive
Manage accounts and collection from one screen. Single-window interface for consumer information management, account status management, and payment schedule.
cogent Collections and Management - Modern and Intuitive
Reporting and Analytics
Derive meaningful insights into the progress and status of all collection activities. With CogentCollect agencies and firms can track tasks, claim performance, collection activity by collector and client, and much more.
cogent Collections and Management - Reporting and Analytics

Are you ready to take your debt collections to the next level?

Increase Productivity with Easy-to-use Features
Integrated Scanning and Imaging
Payment Plan Wizard

Creates and records promise to pay and payment arrangements.

Interest Calculations and Final Payment Calculations

Based on the payment due date interest rate.

My Money Tool

Displays received and anticipated payments.

Internal Document Manager

Automates document production

Integrated Dialer Controls
Automatic Linking of Claims upon Import
Purchased Portfolio/Claims Tracking
Performance Tracking to Predict Business Outcomes
Inbuilt Regulatory Alerts – FDCPA
Credit Card and Credit Bureau Interfaces
Integration to Mail Systems

For calendar update and importing files from mail automatically.

Processes Covered
CogentCollect covers all aspects of collection and claims business such as:
Claims Import and Export
Payment Plan and Posting
Skip Tracing and Scrub
CogentCollect makes it easy to import and export any type of debtor claims and allows a seamless interface with third-party vendors and clients. This is done through an automated process and a “do-it-yourself” tool. Resultantly, it integrates with the following:
Client Accounts
Instant Skip Traces
Background Credit Searches
Payment Engines
Process Server
Analytics on Cloud
Maximize Your Investment with Our Superior Support and Engagement
When you opt for CogentCollect, you partner with an organization known for its superior level of service. For 20+ years, we have built our reputation as a success partner for leading organizations around the globe. While CogentCollect will redefine your collection experience with its leading-edge features, our superior support services will help you enjoy high ROI.
24×7 Support
Get personalized round-the-clock support from a team of experts. Whether you’re exploring a new feature, need a refresher, or want to troubleshoot an issue — our support team will be available to help you.
Protect your clients’ information and the firm’s data with top security features and protocols. We are continuously running security tests using the most advanced techniques to ensure that CogentCollect is safe.
50+ Integrations
Work the way you want and get more done by connecting CogentCollect to your essential business tools. The product offers 50+ integrations to choose from, enabling you to connect your favorite apps or discover new ones.
Technology Leadership
CogentCollect is a part of AgreeYa’s suite of leading-edge and business-driven products and solutions. We provide solutions and services in exciting new technology areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Digital Transformation, Communication & Collaboration platforms, GRC, and AML.
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