Customer Support

Customer Support

Ask Cogent

Have a question? AskCogent is here to help. AskCogent is an automated Help Desk Tracking System. Just send an email with your problem, and the system sends a reply within minutes to acknowledge receipt of the inquiry and provide you with a case number for tracking purposes and future correspondence. Or if you prefer, you can contact the Cogent Help Desk by phone, at +1-916-351-2595 and +1916-351-2599. Our friendly staff is available for support from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

AskCogent also supports requests for new features. To make a request, simply complete a form describing the feature you would like to see added to the Cogent solution. All requests are reviewed and considered for inclusion in upcoming releases based on the benefit of the feature to our entire client base and how well the requested feature will fit with the future direction of the Cogent. As software upgrades are released, we will distribute a Release Notes document detailing new features and modifications to all clients. Cogent also hosts special webinars to discuss new features or focus topics in a more interactive and collaborative forum.

Although Cogent is designed to allow you to modify workflow, create documents, import and export data, and generate custom reports on your own, there are times when the complexity of the task or other constraints on your staff impede their ability to accomplish the task independently. Cogent’s Customer Support is also available on a consulting basis to help you achieve these special development efforts.

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