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A robust collections and case management software, typically used by organizations looking for legal workflow and automation for accounts receivables.
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A web-based, simplified window into your collection accounts, typically used by organizations focusing on the collections process, rather than legal activities
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A self-service debt management portal that enhances debt collection efficiency and empowers consumers to manage debts easily.

Intuitive Charts, Dashboards and Trend Analysis

Cogent delivers real-time analytics, on click. Tailored to specific firms, agencies or individual needs without the burden falling solely on your developers.

Cogent MobileApp

Designed to seamlessly integrate your in and out-of-office access to information, the Cogent mobile app gives you the power to manage, access, and explore claims and documents on-the-go-anytime and anywhere.

  • Preview documents without having to open them externally or to download it to mobile device
  • Open claims for the firm
  • Search and access specific claims related information
  • Add comments and review notes to claims
  • Face recognition and biometric authentication for a faster and safer way of accessing information on-the-go
Cogent App
Compatibility for a Competitive Advantage
Microsoft Compatibility
Microsoft Compatibility
Open Database
Open Database
Future-Proof Design
Future-Proof Design
Cogent delivers a single, personalized experience across the entire collections and case management cycle to increase compliance, governance, employee engagement, and satisfaction.
Compliance and Collections
Control Over Compliance and Collections
Return On Investment
Accelerated Return On Investment
Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity
Better Visibility
Better Visibility
Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency
Cost Reduction benefits
Cost Reduction

More benefits

Seamless Integration

Cogent integrates with industry leading applications, frameworks and controls to automate your collections so you can focus more on customer interactions.

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Product Statistics
Your Benefits by Choosing Cogent
Cost Reduction Statistics
Collection Cost Reduction
Collection costs can be reduced by up to 30%
Productivity Increase statistics
Productivity Increase
Productivity of your collection team can
increase on average 50%

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